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With Valentine’s only a few days away we’ve been contemplating mini makeovers for master bedrooms. What’s a mini makeover? Adding or changing a few elements can give your room a whole new feeling. Your bedroom should be the most comfortable space in your home. It’s where you transition from sleep at the start and end of your day and where you share the first and last quiet words to your spouse. It’s important to set a tone that’s romantic and revitalizing for each of you.

We’ve got three style boards with lighting, furniture, and accessories that will bring new life to your master bedroom depending on your style so it can become a space you love! Plus, you partner is going to love you for thinking of updating the intimate space you share with each other.



The Traditional style is clean and comfortable. Furniture and accessories are orderly and equal. There’s nothing ostentatious, rather the rooms have a casual, welcoming feel. Colors range from mid- to light- tones on the walls and dark wood is reserved for floors and upholstered furniture. You often see understated prints incorporated into traditional design.

* paint samples shown are available at Sherwin Williams.



The keys to Modern Glam style are…Lots of metallic accents, mirrors or mirrored furniture. The color scheme is usually light neuttrals with bold black accessories mixed in. People who like a little more color add an accent color that pops! Think pink flowers or one or two accent pillows to add additional interest. Here are a few Modern Glam items to inspire you!



This style is all about clean lines, simple shapes. There’s a bit of a retro vide to the items in this category, and the pieces easily mix with furniture and decore from other styles for a great layered look. Use these pieces to add some whimsy to you master bedroom!

Refining your style by adding new lighting and accessories to your master bedroom is a great way to bring new energy to your space. No matter what your style is we can help you select the right pieces to give new life to your room. Visit the store to pick out something special to make your master your sanctuary!

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