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Remodeling, building, dreaming… What custom really means and how to figure out which cabinet suits your project the best.

Often times the word “custom” brings several different thoughts. Initially, one might start with price. “Custom is always more expensive.” This is typically what people think in reference to custom. At Shaw Interiors we like to say “custom means more choices.” We have researched, interviewed and selected some of the best cabinet options in the business! Our goal is to provide our clients with the best options possible for an affordable price. We have partnered with a custom cabinet line to do just that.

Shaw Interiors would like to introduce to you – Greenfield Custom Cabinetry. If you dream it they can do it. This may seem overwhelming but in actuality it is very exciting! Our interior designers are here to assist you, guide you and navigate you through the selection, design and construction process. This is why we find partnering with Greenfield so intriguing!

Greenfield is part of the lineup for the Corsi Group. The Corsi group has been in the business of building cabinets for almost 45 years, starting in 1973. Greenfield is an American made cabinet line straight out of the Midwest. With headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. They also have factories on the east coast including one in West Virginia and Keysville, Virginia. The attention to detail and the quality offerings Greenfield provides is amongst the top in the industry.

Right on Trend…

Greenfield provides an unlimited amount of paint finishes, stains and wood species. With options varying from natural veneer to cherry to rift cut white oak. Classic options like walnut are available as well as your traditional white painted finish. With over 80 different standard paint finishes and over 100 different stain options you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for and envisioning for your space.

Inset, Framed or Full Access…. No problem.

Greenfield offers several different door style options to choose from including inset options, framed options and full access options. All of course customizable with your favorite paint, stain or veneer choice. Ultra-modern, transitional, traditional or somewhere in between. All of these are covered in the Greenfield line up.

So how do we know what to choose, what’s right for us? Too many options…

This is where our knowledgeable and creative team of interior designers come in. We work with you, listen to you and then present to you the best ideas for your style, your vision and your home. There are no rules that cannot be broken and no idea to far out there to fathom. What does this mean? This is what we mean by custom means choices. No project is too small or too large, and every style is possible with the Greenfield cabinet line.

ALL LOCATIONS CLOSED! Thanks for all the great years!More information here.